• What is opentrip.io?

    opentrip.io is the technology making business travel more friendly, cheaper and less time consuming
  • Don't you have a booking portal?

    No. You are free to choose the website and the portal you prefer on the web.
  • Why did you choose this solution ?

    We know searching for flights and accomodations on travel agency portals can be long and painful for business traveler. Prices are too high and choices are limited. opentrip.io mission is to permit to each business traveler to get access to a personnal and unique experience.
  • Who is in charge of the after sale service ?

    The supplier (airline, hotel) will be in charge of it
  • What if I need to cancel or modify my ticket ?

    Just send an email or call the supplier (airline, hotel, comparator). It will be free and quick :)
  • Why prices are cheaper on airline and hotel websites than on travel agency portals ?

    Data from travel agencies come from Global Distrivbtuion System (GDS). Everytime you book through a travel agency, you pay the agency and GDS fees.
  • Why is there more content on airline and hotel websites than on travel agencie portals ?

    For the same reason above. The content comes from suppliers (airlines and hotels). As traveler are more and more autonomous while booking, supplier tend to show only a part of their data to GDS.
  • What if I forget to book with my opentrip.io email ?

    No worry about it, we back you up. Send an email to your company@opentrip.io and we will treat it.
  • Is duty of care fulfilled ?

    Of course, we collect and parse data and send them to your travel risk company.